Online Classes

All of our face-to-face classes are currently closed due to Covid-19. They are due to re-open w/c 21 or 28 Sept. However, we are offering both our Twistin Tots and our Twistin Tinies classes as an Online Only option – specifically aimed at parents who:

  •  are not yet ready to return to face-to-face classes due to Covid-19
  •  wish to attend our classes but are unable to do so because of work commitments
  •  prefer the flexibility of accessing classes in their own time
  •  want both parents and family members to be able to enjoy our classes
  •  are unable to secure a space at face-to-face classes (as places are limited).

All of our online sessions are available throughout the year – they do not stop for school holidays.

Twistin Tots pre-recorded sessions – accessed at any time

We are currently developing a Private Members Area for our Twistin Tots customers. This Area will include:

  •  a pre-recorded class every week
  •  indoor activities to do at home with your children at home
  •  discounts from Twistin Tots’ partners
  •  access to details from our Travel Partner, Not Just Travel
  •  ideas for outdoors activities to do at home with your children
  •  tips on areas of toddler development – from potty training to behaviour management and sleep techniques.

All parents signed up to our Online Only option AND attending face-to-face classes will be given access to the Private Members Area.

These sessions can be accessed at any time at parents’ convenience (enabling both parents and other family members to participate with children).

You can sign up any time and our online classes are always available.

These classes are £4 weekly, payable in advance per half term.

These classes are £4 each – payable in advance per half term. You can sign up by emailing us at or contacting us over Facebook ( or on 07977 578 359. You can sign up for these sessions up to the night before. Payment is collected via PayPal.

Twistin Tinies Online Only Adventures

Our Twistin Tinies classes (for parents with children aged 0-18 months) are also being offered as an Online Only option.

These classes are also £4 per session, payable in advance per half term.

Parents who sign up are also granted access to our Private Members’ Area, where they can view a video of their session at their convenience for as long as they are signed up to classes for that Term (so it doesn’t matter if they don’t make the Zoom meeting). Our Private Members Area also includes:

  • tips and advice on many baby related topics – ranging from the development of the vestibular system, to how to play with blocks to develop your baby
  • a recorded version of the class so you will never miss a session again – your partner and other family members can also join in with these sessions at home; and you can watch where and when you want
  • our weekly baby signs
  • a weekly Home Activity – usually something to make to aid baby’s development
  • details of how to create a themed sensory exploration area for your baby
  • our weekly Information Topic – which may offer advice on weaning, sleeping, baby proofing your home (and lots of other useful baby-related topics).

Our Twistin Tinies Private Members Area is relatively new, and we will be adding new things to it as time goes on to make your interactive journey with us even more useful and engaging.

We also have a Private Facebook group where those attending Twistin Tinies classes can access ‘specialists’ on certain subjects to get advice etc, and ask questions of and get advice from other parents. (This area is currently under construction but should be available by the time classes resume).

You can sign up at any time by emailing us at or contacting us over Facebook ( or on 07977 578 359. You can sign up for these sessions up to the night before. Payment is collected via PayPal.



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