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Twistin Tots is a Derbyshire-based music group that runs classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers (ages 0-5).  All classes are CAA Accredited and last year, our Twistin Tinies classes made it to the Finals of the “What’s on 4 Kids” Awards in London and all of our other classes were Nominated for these Awards. This year (2020), we have again been nominated in two categories.

All classes offer a fun mix of rhymes, songs, puppets, actions and engaging props to educate your children and keep them entertained, and will help them to develop language, communication and social skills, motor skills and socialisation. All classes also help to promote learning, co-ordination and movement in young children. Classes cover a range of themes, from Dinosaurs and Going to School, to Farm and Jungle, as well as including many children’s favourite songs, including Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Music Man and Horsey Horsey and parents are encouraged to join in to ensure that children get the most from classes.

We run classes over a range of themes, including Dinosaurs, Colours, Transport, Jungle and Desert Island and these are rotated each week so that there is some variety. However, there is also lots of repetition at classes, as pre-school children, toddlers and babies learn best with this approach and when they know what to expect.

P1060009We  offer a number of class types :

  • Twistin Tots – lively classes with mixed ages covering 0 – 5; comprising themed and non-themed sessions which include nursery rhymes, songs, action rhymes and a variety of exciting, educational and stimulating props. There is some continuation from Twistin Tinies for those children who are moving up.
  • Twistin Tinies – developmental baby classes for parents/carers with children 0-18 months (non-walkers); these classes are much calmer affairs and numbers are restricted to 20. Innovative props, baby-signing, sensory activities, light shows and parachutes make these classes exciting for babies and parents alike!
  •  Twistin Tikes  –  these classes have more structure than our Twistin Tots classes and are aimed at children who can follow instructions. All ages are welcome.
  • Both Tots and Tikes classes are also delivered in nurseries where we hunt for bears, eat jelly, teach animals the alphabet, get chased by crocodiles and dance with the Funky Monkey, amongst other things!
  • We have also recently started delivering Twistin Tikes sessions in Care Homes (Twistin Tikes Golden) – allowing our little Tikes attendees to mix and have fun with elderly residents.
  •  Following on from Covid-19, all of our classes are also now available online, either via Live Zoom classes, or as pre-recorded sessions which can be watched in your own time.


Face-to-Face Classes

(These prices were pre-Covid-19. When we return, prices are likely to be per family and likely to increase due to new operational restrictions.)

Twistin Tots and Twistin Tikes classes are Pay As You Go (PAYG) classes and cost £4.50 per session, plus £1 each for any additional child. Discounts are available for advance bookings.

Twistin Tinies classes need to be booked in advance. You can book in blocks of four classes at £28 for the block, or book in advance for the term (usually 12 weeks) at £5 /session.* We are also now offering 3 x Trial Classes for £15 to enable you to try out our classes without making a big financial commitment.

Online Classes

Classes are currently closed due to Covid-19. However, we are running online Twistin Tots sessions over Zoom on Tuesdays at 9,30am and Thursdays at 10.15am (subject to demand). These classes are £3.50 each and you can sign up by emailing us at Jacqui@twistintots.co.uk or contacting us over Facebook (www.facebook.com/twistintots) or on 07977 578 359. You can sign up for these sessions up to the night before.

In addition, parents can sign up for pre-recorded Twistin Tots sessions that they can access on our website using an allocated password. These sessions can be accessed at any time at parents’ convenience and are available as one-off sessions, 3 x weekly sessions or 6 x fortnightly sessions. Sessions follow particular themes and are rotated weekly/fortnightly for those signing up.
These sessions are priced as follows:
1 x session per week – £3.50
3 x weekly sessions – £6.00
6 sessions per fortnight – £10.00

You can sign up any time, but if you sign up mid-week, classes can be accessed until 5pm on the following Sunday for 1 x session, or 3 x weekly sessions; for those booking two weeks’ worth of sessions, classes will be available until the second Sunday at 5pm.

Twistin Tinies Classes
Our Twistin Tinies classes (for parents with children aged 0-18 months) are also being run online over Zoom on Tuesdays at 1.30pm. These classes are also £3.50 per session, but parents must sign up for 4 consecutive weeks (£14). Parents who sign up are also granted access to our Private Members’ Area, where they can view a video of their session at their convenience for as long as they are signed up to classes for that Term (so it doesn’t matter if they don’t make the Zoom meeting), as well as viewing information on baby development tips, baby signing activities, how to create themed sensory areas for baby to explore and cost-effective ideas of development toys and activities to create at home.

If you are interested in these sessions, email us at Jacqui@twistintots.co.uk or call us on 07977 578 359.

*If you join mid-term, you must book ten sessions to qualify for classes at the cheaper price.

“Classes are fantastic. They encourage co-operation and social interaction and as well as this they are loads of fun. I have two children – a four year old girl and a nine month old son – and they both love it!”

Twistin Tots was founded in 2006 by local mum, Jacqui Davis, who has two children aged 13 and 15, both of whom attended Twistin Tots and enjoyed and benefitted from the classes. There are now three other staff, Jenny Cross, Frankie Stainsby and Charlotte Kirk who also deliver classes, nursery and pre-school sessions, Care Home activities and parties.



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