Fundraising for charity

Musical PicnicsMusical picnics

Since 2011, we have held musical picnics in the park, which raise money for worthy causes. Twistin Tots runs free music sessions at selected venues (you need to bring your own picnic and rug) and asks parents who come along to make a donation for the session. All the money raised goes to charity and is split between Rainbows Children’s Hospice in Loughborough and GEM FM’s Cash for Kids initiative.  Since their inception, the picnics have raised over £3,500.

Comic Relief

Some years we raise money for Comic Relief. Initially we asked all parents to donate any spare change and Twistin Tots matched whatever was collected as a Comic Relief donation – enabling us to send between £30 – £40 to the charity. We have now changed our approach and if mums and children come in fancy dress, we donate part of their class fee to Comic Relief.  Over the years we have donated about £700 to Comic Relief in this way.

Dressing up for Comic Relief

Children in Need

Each year we raise money for Children in Need by asking parents and children to come in fancy dress and if they do, we donate some of the class fee to the charity. We have had a variety of themes, including spots; fairies and pirates; and dress in red. We have also run sweepstakes to find out what Pudsey was doing for this fundraising activity. To date, we have managed to raise about £600 for CiN in this way.

 Chatterbox Challenge

in 2014, we introduced a new fundraising challenge – the ICan Chatterbox Challenge – which aims to help young children with speech and language difficulties.

P1070015 We asked the children to perform a series of new songs (Doh Rae Me with our Handbells and If you Ever Saw a Penguin) and get sponsored for performing them at classes. It was not a compulsory challenge, but our parents pulled out all the stops and we raised almost £200 in sponsorship which will go towards training a teacher for children with these difficulties. Well done Twistin Tots parents!!


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