Meeting EYFS requirements

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the statutory framework that all Early Years Providers (nurseries, pre-schools, play schools) must meet. It has identified several Key Indicators by which young children’s progress through their early years will be assessed.

They Key indicators are highlighted below, showing how Twistin Tots classes are helping your children to meet them – giving them a head start in their educational development.

Key Indicators are in Pink

  • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Making relationships – children start to interact with each other and familiar adults at classes initiating conversations and forming good relationships
    • Managing feelings and behaviour – children start to express their own feelings, by choosing instruments, peer interaction and followinDSC_0252g a class structure
  • Communication and language
    • Listening and attention – joining in with a repeated refrain and anticipating key events and phrases in songs and rhymes
    • Speaking – learning and understanding new words, building and increasing vocabulary through rhymes
  • Mathematics – using language of quantities and measurement – counting with numbers, ‘more’, ‘a lot’,  ‘above’,  below’ ‘high’, ‘low’ etc
  • Expressive arts and design – joining in with dancing and ring games, singing familiar songs, beginning to move rhythmically
  • Understanding the world – leaning songs about places, surroundings, animals, vehicles, food etc
  • Literacy – linking sounds and letters through rhyme and song
  • Physical development
    • providing an environment where children are active and also inter-acting with class leaders and each other
    • assisting with co-ordination, control and movement by the use of instruments, songs and structure



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