Twistin Tinies Members Area

Welcome to our new Twistin Tinies Membership Area.

In this Area, you will find an array of activities and materials that will help you to develop and entertain your baby at home. You will be able to access this Area (by using your Password) for as long as you are attending Twistin Tinies classes. Use the links from the top Menu to access the themes.

If you want to help your baby develop to their full potential, do try to undertake some of our activities when you have time. As our resources are online, you can access them at any time and can also get your partner – who may not be able to attend classes or share in baby’s development in the day time – involved in developmental activities when they are around.

Babies are like little sponges, so any activity you do at home – however simplistic and basic it may seem to you – will be a big learning experience for your baby. Think of them as a painting. They are a blank canvas when they are born and you are the Artist, helping them to apply the paint. It take a while to create a masterpiece, but you get there over time and much practise!!

Here is a little taster video of what you can expect at our classes.


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