Twistin Tots Members Area

Welcome to our new Twistin Tots Membership Area. Access to this Area is restricted to those who are signed up to face-to-face classes, or those who have signed up for our Online Only option of classes.

In this Area, you will find an array of activities, resources and materials to help you to develop and entertain your children at home, including:

  • tips and advice on development topics – from car set safety to potty training
  • a recorded version of one of our classes (each week) so you will never miss a session again – your partner and other family members can also join in with these sessions at home; and you can watch where and when you want
  • home activity that you can tackle at home – many with things that you will already have around the house
  • colouring sheets
  • book recommendations 
  • and a whole host of other useful stuff!

Our Private Members Area is relatively new, and we will be adding new things to it as time goes on to make your interactive journey with us even more useful and engaging. Please let us know what you like, what you don’t like and anything that you would like to see added. You can email us at

You will be able to access this Area (by using your Password) for the week that you are attending Twistin Tots classes, or are signed up to Online Only classes. Use the links from the top Menu to access our engaging Themes.

Children are like little sponges before they go to school, so any activity you do at home – however simplistic and basic it may seem to you – will be a big learning experience for your child. Researchers have proven that early interventions help children later in life, so those hours spent making cardboard spaceships or reading bedtime stories all serve a purpose.

Think of your children as individuals paintings. They are each a Blank Canvas when they are born and you are the Artist, helping them to apply the paint. It takes a while to create a masterpiece, but you get there over time and much practise!!

Here is a little taster video of what you can expect at our classes. Enjoy!!


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