Twistin Tikes Golden (Care Home Sessions)

Twistin Tikes has been operating since 2015 and was introduced to offer classes with more instruction for those children able to follow them. In April 2018, Twistin Tikes Golden was launched in Care Homes, enabling parents and their children to have fun and interact with elderly residents.

Jacqui Davis, owner of Twistin Tots and Twistin Tikes says, “I’d been thinking of starting an initiative of this nature for about seven years, as my mum has dementia and loves being surrounded by children. One of my customers – who was then a Manager of five Care Homes – suggested that I bring my classes to her Care Homes in 2011. However, at the time, I was delivering classes full time and had no hours to spare. The business is now expanding though and we have extra staff on board, so I am keen to take this forward.’

“There is lots of activity in this area at present and research has proven the benefits to both elderly residents and young children – from increasing self-esteem and promoting friendships to greater smiles and more conversation for elders. Plus the old and young bring new energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to each others’ lives, building relationships, and helping each person to benefit from the knowledge and attitudes of each other.’

“Our Twistin Tikes classes will aim to get the young and old working together to have fun – hunting for bears, swimming with goldfish, or tapping toes, amongst other musical activities – helping older residents to get more active and to socialise more and younger ones to develop their speech, language and motor skills and benefit from the time and attention that the elderly residents can offer. I am very excited about it!”

Care Homes sessions are currently ad hoc – as requested by individual Care Homes, but it is hoped to be able to offer this at a number of Care Homes throughout Derbyshire in the near future.

Older children are well-suited to attend these sessions – as we ask the children to give out props to the residents, who love seeing the children, having a little chat with them, and receiving the props. However, the residents generally love seeing the children whatever their age – and especially like babies, so if you would like to get involved with these sessions, then please do get in touch. At most of our Care Home sessions, we will have a mix of children’s songs and songs which will be remembered by the residents (such as We’ll Meet Again, Jailhouse Rock and My Way), so they are slightly different in format to the usual Twistin Tikes sessions.

Attendance at these sessions is often by Invitation Only, because space at Care Homes is sometimes limited. However, attendance for families at present is free of charge. 

These sessions are usually run by Jacqui or Charlotte.

If you would like to be involved with this initiative with your children, or are a Care Home Manager or Worker – please text Jacqui Davis on 07977 578359 to register your interest.



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