When will we be returning to face-to-face classes?

Just recently, parents have been asking us when we will be opening up our face-to-face classes again. And the good news is we hope to be back with Twistin Tots and Twistin Tinies classes by the end of September!

If you don’t yet feel comfortable to return to face-to-face classes, don’t worry! We will be continuing with our online offers and you will be able to sign up for classes as an Online Only option.

We have been making preparations for returning:

  •  social distancing measures will be put in place at all classes
  • all of our Team Members have attended an Infection Control Course
  • all of our policies and risk assessments are currently being updated to be Covid compliant
  •  we no longer be sharing props and have created Kit Bags of materials that you can buy or hire form us (or you can bring your own) to prevent spreading Covid-19
  •  we may on occasion share some Twistin Tots / Twistin Tinies resources in class, but these will be thoroughly cleaned or quarantined before being used again in another class
  • we will be following government guidelines for Track and Trace
  •  class numbers have been capped at 10 families to ensure social distancing can be maintained
  • we will be following government guidance on wearing face coverings, which states that they are not recommended (at present) in out-of-school settings as children and staff are mixing
    in consistent groups, and because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. There may also be negative effects on communication and thus education.

Unfortunately, not all of the halls or venues that we have used in the past are likely to be available to us. This is due to a number of factors: some because lack of clear guidance from the government means they are not sure how they are allowed to open safely; some are not opening because the new requirements are too onerous; and others are no longer suitable because the space we have used with them in the past will no longer be large enough to enable social distancing. Similarly, we had two classes running in Play Centres which are unsuitable for our classes under current Covid requirements.

Current guidance also recommends that parents do not attend activities with a number of different providers, but rather restrict their activities to only one or two.

The past five months have shown us the power and joy of music – it was lovely during our Facebook sessions to be regularly entertaining in excess of 40 families for a few months on a daily basis – and this is something that can continue with our online sessions.

When we resume, we are unlikely to be able to offer a space to every family that wants to attend our classes going forward, with numbers allowed being so restricted, although we will try our best and are looking at offering more sessions, but possibly in fewer locations.

We do want to see you, and sing and dance with you and your little ones again soon, but in a manner that assures everyone’s safety and complies with new guidelines and regulations. Please bear with us in these difficult times!


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