Party songs, games and activities

You can decide which songs and games (if applicable) are performed at your child’s party. Have a look at the selection to choose the ones which you think you child will enjoy the best. Alternatively, you can let Twistin Tots choose for you (a slightly cheaper option).

If you are unfamiliar with Twistin Tots sessions, please call 07977 578 359 for an informal discussion of what each activity involves and the suitablilty for your child.

For 45 minute sessions, choose eight songs/activities from the list below. For 60 minute sessions, choose 10 songs/activties from the list below.

Activities / Songs suitable for any age

  • Dingle dangle scarecrow (with actions)8Hickory
  • Bob the Builder (with parachute )
  • Let it Go – from Frozen (with parachute)
  • Peppa Pig songs (with parachute)
  • Hop little bunnies (with actions)
  • Stick song (with props)
  • Wiggly woo (with prop)
  • Runaway train (with whistles)
  • 1,2,3,4,5 (using parachute)
  • Horsey horsey OR Teddy bears’ picnic (with props – cups or teddies/picnic food)
  • Doh Rae Me (with hand bells)
  • Animal boogie (with actions / book)
  • Incy wincy spider (with puppets)
  • Caterpillar song (with puppets)
  • Snake song (with puppet)
  • Hickory dickory dock (with prop)
  • Jelly on a plate (with prop – an actual jelly)
  • Walking through the jungle (with actions / book)
  • Music man (with instruments)
  • Tractor Song (with actions)
  • Hokey Cokey
  • Bubbles

Activities / Songs suitable for age 3+ (if your children are under 3, we are still happy to do the songs below if you wish, although they are better suited to older children

  • Going on a bear hunt (using parachute)
  • The Goldfish (lots fun of actions)
  • Two little parrots (with puppets)
  • Goodnight (with puppets)
  • Little Monkey in a Tree (with puppets)
  • Funky Monkey (with monkey)
  • I know a chicken (with egg shakers)
  • Over the Deep Blue Sea (need an adult per child)
  • Popcorn Song (using parachute)
  • Tap your toe and follow me (with actions)
  • Jump in my soup (with hula hoops)
  • Pig on her head (with puppets)
  • Lots of little Monkeys (using puppets)
  • Spider on the Floor (using puppet)
  • Dancing Scarf Blues (with scarves)
  • There’s a Dog in School (using puppets)
  • Monkey Say, Monkey Do (with puppet)

We can also add your favourite songs to the mix if we know them – please call to discuss.

Parties with Games

For option 5 or 6, party games will be suggested and agreed with you according to the age of your child. Parties can either be songs followed by games, or songs interspersed with games (better for older children).

For those booking a party with Twistin Tots’ games, we will include Pass the Parcel as a matter of course (unless you tell us not to). We can also include more traditional games if you prefer – please call to discuss. Alternatively, you can choose a selection of the following (call for an explanation of what each game entails):

Toddler games

  • Musical corners / islands
  • Musical animals
  • FishesP1080228
  • Dressing up box
  • Treasure hunt
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Farmer wants a wife

Games for 4+

  • Any of the above
  • Wrap the mummy
  • What time is it Mr Wolf?
  • Disco forfeits
  • Dizzy racelilys party1
  • Balloon race
  • Flying bats
  • Limbo dancing game

All bookings are subject to a 50% non-returnable deposit on booking. See the Booking Form for the full terms and conditions.



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