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Twistin Tinies was launched in January 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. We have recently combined our offer with another baby business – Baby World & Me – making our classes even better!

Twistin Tinies classes are aimed at parents and carers with children aged 0 – 18months (non-walkers). Numbers at these classes are restricted to 20 to ensure intimacy and allow parents to make new friends.

We currently run these classes in two locations – Allestree and Belper, but are looking to open classes elsewhere in 2020. Watch this space!

No Public classes are running at present due to the Covid-19 crisis.

However, we are running our Twistin Tinies sessions via Zoom on Tuesday afternoons.

Until 8 May, these sessions are free. Thereafter, sessions will be £3.50 per session. To join these sessions, you must book and pay in advance for 4 consecutive sessions at a time (so a cost of £14).

(This does not apply to customers who were already customers at the time of Lockdown, who had already paid for a number of classes. These customers can attend any weeks they wish until their money “in the bank” is used up. Once this credit has been used, however, they must also book 4 consecutive sessions if they wish to continue with sessions. If these customers decide to attend a Zoom session and are admitted to that session however, their account total will be debited, even if they decide to leave the session before it has finished.)

New sessions may be introduced on different days and at different times if we ascertain there is a demand and once you have paid, if other sessions are introduced, you will be able to transfer to the session on the day and time of your choice, if a new alternative suits you better. For more information, call or text Jacqui on 07977 578 359.


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Tinies classes consist of:

  • a musical baby-bonding and developmental session designed to stimulate baby’s innate abilities, using light shows and props such as wind chimes, drums and shakers – we cover a different theme each week, from Under the Sea, to Desert Island, Disco, On the Farm and Enchanted Castle to name but a few!
  • Our sessions include activities that develop key skills – Hand-to-eye Co-ordination, Listening Skills, Visual Tracking, Baby’s vestibular system, Baby Bonding and Touch stimulation, amongst others – and all activities are designed to assist with baby’s speech, language and communication development
  • Our Natural Exploration Area provides extra sensory stimulation for babies and allows parents and carers to have a chat, share experiences and make new friends
  • You also receive a weekly “Home Activity ” which gives you ideas of things to do at home to further enhance your baby’s development!

Classes cost £5 per session when booking in advance for the term* (usually 12 weeks). You can join mid-way through a term but if you do, to qualify for classes at £5 per session you must book a minimum of ten classes*.

If you don’t want a big financial outlay at once, you can book in blocks of four consecutive sessions* (@£7 per session).

We are also now offering 3 x Trial Sessions @ £5 per session. If you are interested in joining, call Jacqui on 07977 578 359 to reserve your place, or email her at

Enjoying our instruments

Enjoying our instruments

Come along and learn songs to sing and activities to do with your baby and make new friends at the same time!

These classes are usually delivered by Jacqui.

Pre-booking essential, call Jacqui on 07977 578359 to reserve your place, or email

*please note, sessions booked are consecutive and if you are unavailable for any of them, refunds are not given and classes cannot be transferred to another week. Bookings are made from the next available week, unless agreed in advance to be a different (delayed) date. Once paid, refunds are not available for Tinies classes.

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