Twistin Tinies

Twistin Tinies must be booked in advance – you cannot just turn up – because numbers are limited to 20 at each session.

You can come for a free taster for the Tinies classes, but you must call to reserve a place at any particular session, as we may already be full.

Classes cost £4 each when booking in advance for the term, usually 12 weeks – making a total of £48 (the number of weeks per term can vary as the school terms are sometimes slightly shorter and sometimes slightly longer).

You can join part way though a term* and so long a you pay in advance,P1060531 classes will still cost £4 per session, for example, if you join at week 4, with 8 weeks to go, you would pay £32 for the rest of the term.

Alternatively, you can book four consecutive session at a time, for the cost of £24 for four.

*if 4 or less weeks remaining, classes charged at £6 per session, unless booking in advance for the following term as well.


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