???????DWe offer discounts at classes for those who prefer to pay for classes in advance.

Twistin Tots

Pay in advance

If you book and pay in advance for your classes for the term (usually 12 weeks), classes will cost £3 per session (for over 1s), so £36. Additional children will be charged at £1 each for each session. You can download your booking form here and bring it along to classes already filled in to save time. TT booking form_pdf version

Discount Card

If you prefer more flexibility, you can purchase our Discount Card, which enables you to buy five sessions at the usual rate and get one session free. The Discount Card must be paid for in advance and costs £20 (an additional £1 per week for any additional children). Sessions on the Discount Card can be used at any venue, and you will be given 8 weeks within which to redeem your sessions (not including School Holidays).

Taster sessions*

For those new to Twistin Tots, you can now download our Free Taster Voucher and receive your first session at classes completely free of charge at our classes and at half price at Play Centre sessions (Freddy’s and Planet Happy)! Do call to reserve you place though as we would hate you to be disappointed by turning up to a class that was already full.

Twistin Tinies

At Twistin Tinies, if you sign up for the term, classes will cost £5 per sessions, rather than £7 per session if you decide to book four weeks at a time.

You cannot book single classes for Twistin Tinies, nor can you just turn up, as numbers are limited. If you are new to Twistin Tinies, however, you are eligible for a free taster. Call Jacqui on 07977 578359 or email to reserve your Taster.

Twistin Tikes

Twistin Tikes is no longer running as a Public Class but in April 2018 will be relaunched in Care Homes – watch this space for further details.









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