Who comes to classes?

Who comes to your classes?

At Twistin Tots sessions, we have a wide range of ages from newborns to those just about to go to school and classes offer something for everyone. Some children come with their mummy, some with daddy, and many with grandparents who often have more time to bring them. All are welcome and the feedback we receive about classes is very positive. We also get a number of child-minders who come with other people’s children.

At Twistin Tinies, it is mainly new mums or dads who are currently attending, and it is at this market that classes are predominantly aimed. Babies have attended so far from 3 weeks old to 15/16 months and all have benefitted according to parental feedback.

Twistin Tikes is for ages 3-5 and the content of the classes reflects this. Children under 3 may attend, but parents should be aware that the classes are designed for ages 3-5.

Do I drop off my child at sessions?

No, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times at all classes and are your responsibility for the duration of the class.


How many children attend classes?

Numbers at Twistin Tots classes vary.  Some locations are busier than others and afternoon sessions tend to be quieter than morning sessions. We may have 12 children at a class one week and 35 the next – it’s very unpredictable depending on the time of year (colder months are busier than summer months), the weather on the day and location.

Numbers at Twistin Tinies are restricted to 20, which is why booking is essential, and demand for these classes has been high since their introduction.

As Twistin Tikes is our newest class, we are still letting people know about classes so numbers are relatively low at present. We usually get about 10 at classes, but as parents tend to join in, classes seem busier.

Do you run age-specific classes?

Twistin Tots classes are designed to suit all ages 0 – 5yrs and all are welcome.

Twistin Tinies is for those parents/carers with children aged 0-18 months.

Twistin Tikes is for children aged 3-5 years. Younger children may find it hard to follow the given instructions. These classes will have four weekly themes which will be rotated, plus more actions and instructions for older children to follow – as well as some of their old favourites (if they have previously attended Twistin Tots classes).


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