When and where?

P1050989 Where do you run your classes?

We currently run classes in nine locations – Belper, Darley Abbey, Little Eaton, Matlock, Ripley, Shirland, Spondon, Tupton and West Hallam.

Do you run classes in the school holidays?

No, classes only run in the school term times – check out our Term Dates for the full schedule. We are still available for Birthday Parties and Nursery sessions in the holidays however.

Over the Summer months, we run our free Musical Picnics, which is essentially Twistin Tots in the park, to raise money for worthy causes. Click here for details.

How long are your classes?

Music sessions (in Darley Abbey, Matlock, Tupton, Shirland, West Hallam and Little Eaton) are for one hour. Music & Play sessions (which operate in Belper) are two hours – combining an hour of Twistin Tots music with an hour of free play for the children with a variety of toys. Play Centre sessions – now running at Planet Happy in Ripley and Freddy’s Play Kingdom in Spondon – are unlimited as your hours’  music session can be followed by unlimited play in the Play Centre following your Twistin Tots class.

Twistin Tinies classes are 60 -70 minutes long  – 20 minutes of musical baby bonding activity; 20 minutes of songs and fun musical activity; 20/30 minutes for tea/cake and informal chat with other like-minded parents.

Twistin Tikes classes run for one hour and this is followed by a further free play session for a further 45 minutes.

Do I have to book for classes?

You don’t have to book for Twistin Tots or Twistin Tikes classes, you can just turn up for any session and if you have never attended before you will be eligible for your first session HALF PRICE. However, if you come regularly and do book and pay in advance for the term or several classes, you will benefit from discounts, depending on how many classes you book at a time.

At Twistin Tinies sessions, places are limited to 20 per class so booking is essential, but free tasters are available for you to try out classes before committing. These must also be booked in advance. Call Jacqui on 07977  578 359 to reserve your free taster.

How structured are your sessions?

Twistin Tots classes follow a similar pattern each week and there are some songs that we do perform weekly as children of this age respond best to repetition and familiarity. However, we do not make children sit on their parents’ lap for the session (although some do and this is fine!) – they are free to run around and interact with other children as they wish. Neither do we make parents join in – although we are happy for them to do so if they wish! New songs and props are introduced intermittently to keep things interesting for parents/carers and children.

Twistin Tinies classes are more structured and cover a 20 minute baby bonding session; 20 minutes of songs and fun musical activity; 20/30 minutes for tea/cake and informal chat with other like-minded parents. There is a lot of repetition at these classes as this is essential to the learning and development of very young babies and you will also learn a selection of activities and songs to do at home with your child.

Twistin Tikes classes cover a number of themes, ranging from Food, Wild Animals, Places, Farm Animals, Transport, Body Parts, and People (to name but a few!)) which are rotated weekly. These classes  include more complex songs and with more actions and instruction for older children, but the children are still free to run about as they wish and we actively encourage parents and grandparents to join at these sessions.


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